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  • Member: Melichan923
  • Title: Forsaken
  • Premiered: 2007-04-20
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    • Within Temptation Forsaken
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    Some parts of the first paragraph are from my concept statement.

    Video Description and Inspiration:
    The idea of the video was in my mind for weeks after listening to the song one day. It just hit me: The lyrics almost seem to be written specifically for the movie. The song and video are about destruction of human kind as well as the whole planet due to greed and sadness. It's about technology, new developments, how people are feeling forgotten due to everyone else's desire for power, and how the world is turning into something completely different and dying right in front of everyone's eyes. When really giving thought to the song meaning, it not only made me think of the ShinRa Power Company, but of a specific quote from Marlene in the movie: "The ShinRa Electric Power Company discovered a way to use the life stream as an energy source. Because of ShinRa's energy we were able to live very comfortable lives, but wasn't that because we were taking away from the planet's life? A lot of people thought so ... Sadness was the price to see it end." After looking back on that, I knew I had to make an AMV to the song.

    Program(s) used:
    Window Movie Maker 2

    How long it took to make:
    I began working on this video on Thanksgiving night and worked on it off and on until it was finished on New Years Eve. It did take many more hours than expected. Cutting out the random split frames that Windows Movie Maker loves to make was one heck of a task! :P

    Contests entered:
    Nominee for Best Acton Video - Anime Boston 2007
    Winner for Best Action Video - All-Con 2008

    Own Opinion:
    I think this video came out better than expected and I am really glad I edited it. I'm usually very self critical, but I like this and to me it is the best one I've made. ^_^

    Thank You to:
    -Eric V. (Ukulele Cyborg Productions) and Don S. (Project Air): for helping me figure out how to convert and make my video the right size, and encouraging me to keep going when I was going through a tough time while making my video.
    -Adam Ferraro: For letting my video in the Finals for Anime Boston and replying to my many E-mails. XD
    -Other AMV Finalists this year, last year, and before: Kiarrens, Songbird21, DoKool, Jade-Eyed-Angel, Bashar of the Ages, Reigna, and others: for giving me the inspiration to make my own AMVs. You are talented beyond belief.
    -Anyone else who took the time to view my video.

    Song Lyrics:
    Now the day has come.
    We are forsaken this time.

    We lived our lives in our paradise,
    As gods we shaped the world around.
    No borderlines we'd stay behind,
    Though balance is something fragile.

    While we thought we were gaining,
    We'd turn back the tide, it still slips away.
    Our time has run out, our future has died,
    There's no more escape.

    Now the day has come,
    We are forsaken,
    There's no time anymore.
    Life will pass us by,
    We are forsaken,
    We're the last of our kind.

    The sacrifice was much too high,
    Our greed just made us all go blind.
    We tried to hide what we feared inside.
    Today is the end of tomorrow.

    As the sea started rising,
    The land that we conquered just washed away.
    Although we all have tried to turn back the tide,
    It was all in vain.

    Now the day has come,
    We are forsaken,
    There's no time anymore.
    Life will pass us by,we are forsaken,
    Only ruins stay behind.

    Now the day has come.
    We are forsaken this time.

    Now the day has come,
    We are forsaken,
    There's no time anymore.

    Now the day has come.
    The day has come.
    The day has come.

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