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  • Member: kiarrens
  • Studio: Tech Girl Productions
  • Title: Romeo x Juliet Teaser Trailer
  • Premiered: 2007-04-27
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  • Comments: *ahem*
    I, Lyndsey Luther, the creator and editor of this video, should have any and all legal actions directed towards me regarding this music video. AnimeMusicVideos.Org is not in any way responsible for the creation of it, nor does it endorse the infringement of copyrighted material. I have received no revenue for this video, nor shall I in the future. It is an amateur artwork, nothing more, nothing less. Please feel free to contact me if necessary at, and I will be all too willing to remove said video from this site and any other.

    Note to those who download this: DO NOT POST IT ON Y-tube. Please. I don't want to have any legal issues here.

    Now, on to the real stuff.
    I made this AMV as a trailer to get people interested in Romeo x Juliet, which is up to episode 3 in Japan as of now. It's a WONDERFUL series so far, and I really just want to spread the love. Heh...
    pun. Anyway, a LOT of work went into this little 1:30 video.

    Pre-production: I was going to use the fansubs, but I couldn't find a way to transfer .mkv into AVI, so I wound up downloading the RAWs and using those (thank you to the people on the forum who helped me out with this). After getting the RAWs, I learned that the frame-rate was 120 FPS so I had to download 3 more programs to get rid of the extra frames (thanks to BasharoftheAges for the help on that). After that, I had to do some re-sizing since the original video was 1280x720, loaded the footage into Vdub, and ripped HuffyYUVs of the scenes I needed.

    Audio Editing: The music is a mix of three different IM tracks, Redrum 3.0 (Choir), Orchestral and Choir Descent, Imperativa (Choir), and for the end credits, Serenata (Choir). It was edited in CEP.

    Video Editing: Edited with Adobe Premiere 6.5. I'm pretty sure that this is the most video tracks (7) I've ever had in an AMV, mainly all around that section with the "take their life" segment, for all the ghost text effects. All text was taken directly from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, except the very end ("Can love survive?"). Many thanks to DOKool for helping me find awesome fonts, since the ones I had all failed miserably. I also did quite a bit of work masking out some opening text (since there's no clean opening as of yet), 37 frames worth, to be exact. Thanks to ForeverZeroo for suggesting that it needed to be removed.

    Concept: Basically, I'm really just trying to get people interested in Romeo x Juliet. This being the case, I tried to capture the "feel" of the anime so far in dramatic action scenes for the main part of the vid.

    I hope you enjoy this, and let's hope that when they bring this out in the US they won't mangle the voice acting too badly.

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