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  • Member: Angelkins
  • Title: Haruhi in Wonderland
  • Premiered: 2007-04-25
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    • Bennie K Dreamland
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  • Comments: I'm very proud of this AMV as I worked very hard to make it much better than the rest of my AMVs. I never knew so many things could go wrong when making an video ~.~ I also did some lip synching in this video, which was a first for me.

    I checked the lip synch box, so don't be too harsh if my lip synching really does suck. I did my best. ^_^

    Some parts look like I tried to lip synching and failed miserably at it, so here are the parts where I intentionally lip synched:

    :14 - They can't stop my heart - Haruhi
    :16 - Get the party started - Tamaki
    :58 - Get the party started - Tamaki
    2:33 - Get the party started - Tamaki
    3:00 - Get the party started - Tamaki
    :28 - Once upon a time - Hunny
    :55 - They can't stop my heart - Tamaki
    1:02 - It's like wonderland - Kaoru and Hikaru
    2:22 - Yay/Yeah - Haruhi
    2:44 - I'm dreaming - Haruhi
    3:11 - I'm dreaming - Haruhi
    3:24 - Do you wanna come in my dream? - Haruhi

    The song I used is possibly my favorite J-Pop song of all time. It's so upbeat, happy, and catchy. Plus it has English in it so I knew a tiny bit of what was happening in the song to match it up with the video.

    There is an Ouran High School Host Club episode titled "Haruhi in Wonderland" and for some reason, while listening to this song on my way to a class, this idea instantly popped into my head. I absolutely love Ouran and even though there are thousands of Host Club videos out there, I thought I would try my hand at creating Haruhi's "Wonderland." ^_^

    There is a bit of randomness to this video. There are a lot of great moments in Ouran that I couldn't really match the song, but I thought would make the video feel more fun if they were in there. So I'm sorry if you download it and go "WTF?! That was totally random and stupid!!!"

    Made with Window's Movie Maker 2.

    Completed in just over three days.

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