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  • Member: Jasta85
  • Title: Keiichi Loves Belldandy's Mom
  • Premiered: 2007-04-23
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    • Fountains of Wayne Stacy's Mom
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  • Comments: This amv was inspired by the one and only "Hale's Mom" which is just a masterpiece of awsomeness. I planned on making this amv similar just with a different twist since it was using ah my goddess but it was supposed to be a lighthearted comedy.

    Then my sadistic side took over and i ended up creating a video which manages to completely ruin Belldandy's life in less than 4 minutes. The amv was actually a bit darker than it is currently and it was so depressing at the end as i just had Belldandy crying all alone so i switched up a few things and added the lighthearted credits at the end which soothes my conscience somewhat.

    Anyway, while this does not deserve the same spotlight as Hale's mom i would like to think of it as the redheaded stepchild version ;p

    NOTE: One thing that is important in order to enjoy this amv is to make sure you read all the credits at the beginning as that explains who the characters are and really adds to the enjoyment as you watch the vid.

    That's all i can say for now, ive been awake for aproximately 40 hours straight at this point so i dont trust myself to type too much more, enjoy the amv

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