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  • Member: wurpess
  • Studio: Digital Straightjacket
  • Title: Cheer Up, Little Emo Cloud!
  • Premiered: 2007-04-18
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  • Song:
    • Celldweller Under My Feet
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  • Comments: If you have ADHD and/or need super action packed adrenaline rush in your face sugar induced mania in your vids. . .only watch this if your sleeping pills haven't kicked in yet. If you like slow, sedate, mood driven, emo ambiant plah type vids, then you'll probably enjoy this one. (Or if you're a Cloud fangirl. . .because, well, the vid is based around him, and he spends a lot of time emoing around in it.)

    Well, I must say, this is unexpected. I was just going along, working on my MEP vids and such, when suddenly my muse came back from vacation, beat me upside the heat with a baseball bat and told me to get to work. So here is the fruits of their slave driving. lol. Done in about 2 or 3 days, so it really isn't anything special, but hey, I actually finished a solo vid. lol.

    Anyway. Story. You know, Cloud is a really emo hero. And Celldweller is a pretty sweet band. And I love the song, "Under My Feet." But its really kinda an emo song. Which is why I thought it would fit Cloud. So this is basically his story and memories from his little emo POV. WARNING: SPOILERS! That and if you haven't watched the movie and/or aren't familiar with various other facets of the whole FFVII world (including stuff from the FFVII game and a hint towards Dirge of Cerberus.), some of this might appear a bit random. But it really was pretty well thought out considering the time frame. (Not saying every clips had huge amounts of thought put into them. There are a couple randoms. But for the most part. . .)

    And I would like to thank Rafe for his extensive knowledge of the entire FFVII realm. Basically, when I got stuck story-wise, I went running to him to ask for advice. And nearly made his head explode. lol.

    Anyway. So yeah. AMV. Completely different from what I normally do. But hopefully its still enjoyable. Now hopefully my muse has gotten all that out of their system and will work at a normal pace now so I can finish the shit I need to finish. Well, Have fun and may the fish be with you. *^_^*

    PS-If you have audio but no video, you need to download the XVid codec. O.o

    NOTE: I know it says its full screen, and you're probably going "OMFG!!! AC was wide screen!!" Yeah, I know. If you play it in Windows Media Player, while this is technically full screen, the picture itself is widescreen. In VLC, it looks like its trying to make it full screen, but it doesn't really distort the picture. So long story short, it still looks ok. So get over it. *^_^*

    "Under My Feet"

    So this is how it feels to suffer...
    And I had so much to say
    But itís over now
    And Iím going down
    Alone, alone

    Iíve no guarantees
    I'll recognize my disease
    Before my time has gone
    It's all Iíve found
    Canít get the hell off the ground
    Out from under my feet

    Promises and wishes all mean nothing
    When itís me that Iím speaking to
    Wanting something
    Won't mean I will see it through

    I donít need to see these visions to remind me
    That Iím dying from the inside out
    Wanting you here
    Still means I must do without

    I canít criticize your reasons for living
    When I'm the one missing them
    Wanting, dreaming
    That I may find where they come from

    I dream you
    And I want to
    Be near you

    I canít get up out from under my feet

    Iíve tried to
    But canít get through
    I need to

    God is all I've found
    Can't get the hell off the ground
    Out from under my feet

    So this is how it feels, you sucker
    And you had too much to say
    But itís over now
    Youíre finally going down
    Alone, alone

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