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  • Member: JenCM18
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Forever Yours
  • Premiered: 2007-04-16
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  • Song:
    • Nickelback Far Away
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    54th video I have made. Finally a new video!!!! I haven't made a new video in a year it made me sad really! I just lost motivation and my creativity but well was also busy with school and working. But now hopefully I got it back and I'll be making more amvs this year.

    This video was actually an idea my boyfriend gave me since I really wanted to make a Mahoro video after finally watching the whole series I couldn't figure out what song to use. He gave me the idea to use the song Far Away. I listened to it and it fit Mahoro perfectly.

    It took me quite awhile to actually finish this vid because I kept losing motivation and couldn't think of what scenes to use. But of course I finally did I didn't want to repeat any scenes because that's bad. Other than that this video is about Mahoro and how she loves Suguru and the bad things that happened before she met him. Hopefully it's a good story everyone can follow. I'd suggest to watch it if you've seen the series but it's always better that way. Though even I download mvs with anime I've never seen and you sometimes don't get it. But hopefully this one you do.

    Anyways Enjoy!!! =)

    Estimated time to complete: 3 or more months. >.<

    Effects: Gaussian Blur, Brigthness/Contrast, S_glow, Mattes

    Programs Used: Adobe Premiere 6.0, Photoshop for matte, Avi Synth, and Virtual Dub, MeGui
    Codec: Xvid [Divx Compatible] and H624
    FourCC Xvid: Xvid
    Audio: Lame Mp3 160 CBR
    Audio h264: 160 CBR
    Resolution: 720*408
    File Size[Xvid]: 60 MB
    File Size[H264]: 49.6 MB
    Footage: Ripped from the complete collection dvds.

    There is no such thing as a REAL CODEC. Whoever left that ridiculous quick comment. There is a Mp4 version and the Xvid version if you had problems playing the mp4.

    I hope everyone enjoys my video and to please leave quick comments or opinions after seeing it. Feedback is very much appreciated and I always reply to all the opinions I get.

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