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  • Member: Blanco22
  • Title: a meditation on Heroism
  • Premiered: 2007-04-16
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  • Song:
    • Machinae Supremacy Hero
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  • Comments: Quick Description: An action video featuring the hero of Ergo Proxy.

    Some Quick Comments:

    2007-04-24 00:43:33 I loved this. The song fit perfectly for the anime, and the scene choices were great and sync was interesting. I'm still amazed at how good you are for how few videos you've made. -Sierra Lorna
    2007-04-23 18:57:58 love your work! :)
    2007-04-22 17:21:59 Wounderful job! -Arkada
    2007-04-19 23:56:31 I really liked the mozaic fade-outs, it was different and a rarely used effect. The editing style gave me a kind of old-school vibe, but in a good way. I liked it, only problem is this series is just too 'black' - everything is virtually in shadow as if to hide the crappy animation. Great video, though.
    2007-04-18 20:32:58 As I said earlier, Good video and editing, I just couldnt get into the song. (that isnt your fault though =p)
    2007-04-17 22:20:33 very neat
    2007-04-17 20:23:47 A few missed opportunities, but the editing in general really made up for it, pretty damn slick - [Kristyrat]
    2007-04-17 20:20:14 Great vid, diggin it, will watch it over and over and so on. -N0OB

    ***WARNING: This video contains spoilers, I guess. But I hope you'll watch it anyway.***

    I'd like to think most people can play MP4 files now, but if not, get the CCCP for the codec or alternatively you could get the VLC media player at the websites below.

    Here's my third video. I wouldn't call it a pure action video, but I don't think any other categories fit it either. I tried some new things, tried some old things, and hopefully you'll like the video.

    I saw Ergo Proxy a few weeks ago and it blew my mind. I knew I had to make an AMV with it. Maybe even two, and I never thought I'd ever want to make two AMVs with the same anime. And now 120 cigarettes later, here it is. This video is mostly about Vincent. I think the song fits him pretty well, except for his attitude. He's pretty timid for most of the series.

    The title was inspired by the episodes themselves and all the philosophical references in the series. Furthermore, the song describes the pretty stereotypical anime hero. He gets angry, unleashes his new powers, kicks all kinds of ass, and then gets the girl in the end. The more I say the name the dumber it sounds to me but whatever. It sounded pretty cool while I was in the shower. The intro also (very poorly) mimics the episode title screens during the series.

    Thanks for watching and enjoy.

    Thanks to:
    Weeaboo - For the music
    Other Tom - For watching the video over and over again, even though he hates the music

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