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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: 3 Symphonies of Kanon
  • Premiered: 2007-04-15
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    • Embrace Nature's Law
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  • Comments: Kanon 2006 - a truly wonderful anime...
    I haven't watched the original Kanon series of 2002 but after realising that the producers of Kanon 2006 were the same as the ones for Air,I had no doubt that I'd love this anime.

    First thing,the amv is full of spoilers for Mai,Ayu and Nayuki arc.So,for those who haven't watched the series,better go watch it first.If you're a sucker for drama romance without many lovey-dovey scenes,then this is the anime for u.Especially for those who loved Air,I'm sure they will also love Kanon 2006.

    Moving on,the amv is a triple character profile - Nayuki,Mai and Ayu,hence the title "3 Symphonies of Kanon".These are the girls Yuuichi knew from seven years ago when he was coming to the snowy town(well,he also knew Makoto but she was a fox) and the mv covers the realtionships between Yuuichi & Nayuki,Mai & Sayuri & Yuuichi and finally Yuuichi & Ayu.In the beginning,I was thinking of making an Ayu tribute only but in the process(after editing 1:10 minutes of the amv) I changed my plans...

    The amv is divided into 4 parts,following the lyrics of the song:
    -Intro: 0:00 - 0:20 [how Yuuichi met Ayu and Mai 7 years ago]
    -Nayuki part: 0:21 - 1:20

    "I tried to fight the feeling, the feeling took me down,
    I struggled and I lost the day you knocked me out,
    Now everythingís got meaning and meanings bring me down,
    Iím watching as a screening of my life plays out.

    Every day I fight these feelings,
    For your sake I will hide the real thing,
    You can run all your life, all mine I will chase...

    You should never fight your feelings,
    When your very bones believe them,
    You should never fight your feelings,
    You have to follow natureís law."

    -Mai part: 1:21 - 2:20

    "Iíll live with never knowing, if knowingís gonna change,
    Iíll stop the feeling growing, I will stay away,
    Like a broken record stuck before a song,
    A million beginnings, none of them the one."


    -Ayu part: 2:21 - 4:03

    "I wrote her letters and tried to send them,
    In a bottle I placed my hope,
    An SOS full of good intentions sinking,
    Will you give it to me,
    Donít make me wait,
    You build me up, knocked me down,
    But I will stand my ground,
    And guide this light that Iíve found.

    You should never fight your feelings,
    When your very bones believe them,
    If you let them show, youíll keep them
    I know you're hurt but soon you'll rise again,again,again..."


    Programs used:
    Vegas 6.0
    Avisynth - lots of thanks to jade_eyed_angel for teaching me about it^^

    This will be my last drama amv for a while.I'm gonna try making a couple of action vids so as to try sth new.Also,a lot of thanks to my beta testers - jade_eyed_angel and viper1255.
    Please enjoy ^_^

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