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  • Member: trythil
  • Title: Spukhafte Fernwirkung
  • Premiered: 2007-04-18
  • Category:
    • Sentimental
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    • Mute Math Control
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  • Participation:
    • Anime Central 2007, Anime Central 2007 AMV Contest (2007-05-11)
  • Comments: Spukhafte Fernwirkung (Spooky Action at a Distance)
    Freedom / Pale Cocoon
    Mute Math - Control


    [announcement thread:]

    Fall_Child42 gave me the title for this video. Good_for_Nothing recommended "Spukartig Fernwirkung" as a more correct phrasing. Now, while I believe him (what with him being a native German speaker and all), I feel a little weird using the phrase because Googling the phrase return zero hits, whereas Googling "Spukhafte Fernwirkung" returns many hits, in German, about quantum entanglement. So I'm going to chicken out and adopt the wisdom of the masses.

    This video has such a pretentious name because (1) it sounds cool, (2) it compensates for the video's many weaknesses, and (3) it actually has something to do with the video.

    Quantum entanglement, and spooky action at a distance, refer to a phenomenon in which the quantum states of multiple objects -- though spatially separated -- must nevertheless be described in relation ship to each other. Basically, each object affects the others, despite the lack of information flow from one object to the rest.

    This video is only loosely related to that idea, since it is possible to describe the characters in this video independently. They are bound by a common goal, but that's about it.

    Actually, I guess spooky action at a distance has absolutely nothing to do with this video. Fine. Oh well. I still like the title, and it works if you're willing to be ignorant of modern physics. Nyah.

    In any case, this video focuses around two Moon-bound characters attempting to make their way back home.


    This video was created in a month, working about 6 to 8 hours every day. That doesn't mean anything with regards to how good this video is (and it really isn't all that amazing); I just wanted to let you know how much free time you can have if you sacrifice all semblances of a social life.


    This video has been encoded as an anamorphic 16:9 widescreen 720x480 H.264 High Profile video stream. An H.263 encode will be available sometime soon.

    Well, actually.

    nevrast:~/prj/freedom/encode trythil$ ls -l Spukhafte_Fernwirkung_h263.mp4
    -rw-r--r-- 1 trythil trythil 58758115 Apr 19 16:59 Spukhafte_Fernwirkung_h263.mp4

    I've had that H.263 encode available for more ten days now, I have space thanks to Ileia, and I haven't uploaded it. Why? I'm really lazy -- too lazy to care any more about this video's online presence. If you really want it, shoot me a private message. Alternatively, hack my laptop and grab it out off of there. I've already told you where it is.


    For Windows systems: CCCP and Media Player Classic are your best bet. VLC works well, too.
    For the slightly less insane world: VLC and mplayer are good choices. If you are using OS X, know that QuickTime 7's H.264 decoder will choke because I'm using some features that it can't handle. If it matters to you, ask/cajole/beg/bribe Apple to enhance their decoder.


    Thanks to:

    #AMV @ ZiRC: betas, harassment, meat requests
    AtomX: giving me much-needed and well-deserved verbal bitchslappings w/r/t this video
    Koopiskeva, Moonlight Soldier, Nessephanie, Kisanzi, Fall_Child42, Reigna, CrackTheSky, SenshiMamoru, Prodigi, Kitsuner, quadir: ditto
    ZephyrStar, Niotex: much-needed and well-deserved verbal bitchslappings w/r/t compositions in this video
    Blender: for giving me something to talk about this coming May
    aesling: <aesling> trythil: what, no mention for me in the video info?


    I do not, and cannot, claim any ownership to this AMV. However, I encourage anyone who might be interested in redistributing, reworking, or really doing whatever to this video to do so. I won't do anything.

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