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  • Member: MrPsycohed
  • Studio: Giant X
  • Title: Forrest Ikari
  • Premiered: 2001-06-14
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    • Weird Al Yankovic Gump
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  • Comments: Well, this is both Giant X and my own first video ever made. For most of the editing I used MGI VideoWave III, but to add sound I used that excellent freeware program VirtualDub. The video was made over the course of two days, probably 15 to 20 total hours of work. I then used Tsunami to change the AVI into an MPEG so the file's a little more size friendly.

    Those synchs were a real pain in the ass, espically since I've never done thing before, but I think it came out okay.


    This video MIGHT contain a SLIGHT spoiler if you havn't seen up through episode 20. Viewer discresion is advised

    Fun facts:
    -Giant X's premiere video!!! Whoo hoo!!
    -This video has had over a year and a half's (!!!) worth of planning. Just finally got off my ass and did it ^_^
    -All but 4 episodes from the series where used to make the video (I didn't have the last DVD and using the recap episode
    just didn't make sense)
    -Yes, Giant X is indeed a reference to something. And If you know what, you deserve a cookie.
    -This video has changed format! That's right, I finally figured out how to make MPEGs instead of AVIs, so if you downloaded this video when it first came out, you have the somewhat bigger AVI. I've managed to cut off several meg and make the file more download friendly.

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