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  • Member: Dagda
  • Title: SR-71 MEP: In His Mind
  • Premiered: 2007-04-10
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    • SR-71 In My Mind
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  • Comments: My third finished video; like my second, this video was created for a multi-editor project that has yet to debut (and by the looks of it, probably never will). The video pays tribute to one of the more compelling relationships I've found in anime, that of Batou and Motoko in Mamoru Oshii's version of the Ghost in the Shell Universe. Specifically, it's meant to depict Batou reflecting on his feelings for and experiences with Motoko after the events of the second film. A big thanks to MousePotato for letting me use a scene from his "Peace of Mind" video replacing the hologram of the girl with one of Motoko.

    I should note that this video is essentially still a rough draft, especially in the area of lip sync; it was completed in under two weeks to meet the MEP's original deadline, and I'm inclined to let it lie as an example of what I can do as a rush job. Hope you enjoy.

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