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  • Members: Morh_Shion, Ed_kun, ~Ys~
  • Studio: ~O.W.A~ Studios
  • Title: Judge Grave
  • Premiered: 2007-04-08
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  • Song:
    • Judge Dredd Judge Dredd Trailler OST
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  • Comments: --AMV Trailler Judge Grave--

    Based on Trailler of Judge Dredd Movie, i make legends in the language of my country Brazil.
    I used Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effetcs, Adobe Photoshop...

    You can compare the amv with the original trailler on the left side down of the screen.
    I try at max to make it similar to the original movie trailler.
    I need to make many mask for make scenes similar, and i selected the characters of the anime, and use adequaly to the representations of char in the trailler.

    After the trailler i put a short track that gives u a bonus of a future multi-editors project by tsukin, that i will participate.
    the bonus is my contribution on part on the project, that i use gungrave scenes too...
    the song is: Tool - Rosetta Stoned

    So basicaly the amv is only the trailler scenes!
    opinions will be wealcome, and i'll reply your opinion, just tell me what amv you want that i op.
    I expct you apretiate.

    special thnks to the beta test collaboretors Ed-Kun, -Ys-, Daisukez, Paulo Hunter.

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