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  • Member: purplepolecat
  • Title: Need Utena Tonight
  • Premiered: 2007-03-28
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    • INXS Need you tonight
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  • Comments: After the positive response to Utena Girl Squad, I decided to make a full-on fanservice vid. This is about Ohtori playboy Touga and the first girl he ever develops "real feelings" for, the eponymous girl-prince Utena. The late Michael Hutchence's vocals are a good proxy for Touga's unabashed sensuality, and although this is a very vanilla pairing, who could he be singing about but Utena ?

    I did a lot more lipsync in this than any of my previous AMVs. There are a few effects too, my personal favorite is Juri, Miki and Touga flashing their signature colors in the elevator.

    Note that there are no clips from the Black Rose Saga in this vid, because Touga is barely in it.

    Comments are welcome, especially on the lipsync !

    Come over here
    All you got is this moment
    The twenty-first centurys yesterday
    You can care all you want
    Everybody does yeah thats okay

    So slide over here
    And give me a moment
    Your moves are so raw
    Ive got to let you know
    Ive got to let you know
    Youre one of my kind

    I need you tonight
    cause Im not sleeping
    Theres something about you girl
    That makes me sweat

    How do you feel
    Im lonely
    What do you think
    Cant take it all
    Whatcha gonna do
    Gonna live my life

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