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  • Member: taigafaeri
  • Studio: Unbridled Productions
  • Title: Amazing Anime~Trailer
  • Premiered: 2007-03-03
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    • 20th Century Fox Fantastic Four Trailer
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  • Comments: Hooray for Anime Detour 2007!
    So as I was going about deciding on what to choose as the catagory I would enter for AD's amv contest, I got the lovely grapevine passdown of info, that all my other much admired friends had already sent in for all the other catagories except for trailer...which helped make up my mind for me. :) It worked out well...since I kind of wanted to try making a trailer again and if I did this catagory and the others and myself all succeded...well that means the Journal Junkies would clear out AD! ha ha ha!
    well the thought amused me at least. :P
    I started off originally with the trailer audio from the movie 'The Forgotten' to footage from D.N.Angels...and it's title would have benn 'Forgotton Angel's' which I might try doing again...but the main character in the audio had more action and whatnot...than the character I was using for After hours and hours of meticulous masking....I had to drop it because it was only going to get worse and it wouldn't be as good as I want it to be.
    So it was back to plowing though every dvd in the house listening for just the right trailer...And in the end I settled with the audio from both the teaser and theatrical trailers for 'The Fantastic Four' movie.
    So I took the trailers footage and all and edited them into what you will hear henceforth...after which I separated the audio from the footage, and used the 'original' footage as a guide for the most part in the trailer I created. I ripped footage from about half or more of my collection for use in the trailer...
    The title Amazing Anime...actually took me a while to come up with...I wasn't until I hit the part in editing where the trailer text states 'Fantastic Four' that I finally decided on the synonym for fantastic...Amazing...and stuck with the obvious word...anime. :) after that I deviated only slightly from the original text used in the trailers and timed them exactly with the original footage.
    And so it evolved into a more and more multi-anime video, which was fun since I've not truly done a multi-anime video, let alone with so many titles at once.
    Which brings me to the point that the video was purposely done in a 'Complex Editing' style. There is no true story plot to this particular amv, which is also new for me, since I tend to deal mainly with story based and drama filled videos. I decided to go more with matching the original shots of the trailers as much as possible with all the anime counterparts I could find.
    There is extensive work with masking, blending modes, and effects, and time manipulation. In the end I had a lot of fun making it, and I can hardly wait till it's shown on the big screen at the con! I formatted it just for that, but of course you guys only get the compressed version so it'll fit on Kero...:P
    hmmm....this is the most I've rambled about any of my vids yet...and now I'm losing capacity to write anything more so I'll end now before I hurt myself. Xd
    Enjoy everyone! I'll update with the contest results soon! :)

    UPDATE 3/26/07:
    I WON!!!!!!! *Squeal*
    This amv is now the proud owner of the title: Best Trailer, at Anime Detour 2007!
    oh I'm sooo happy! I achieved exactly the result I was hoping for! the title, the crowd reaction, the playback experiance...(aside from it being the guinea pig for the technical difficulties part of the contest....*it played first* >.>;) but it sounded and looked awesome all-in-all! *happy* ~^.^~
    So now go watch it and enjoy!!!! :)
    This amv also won Audience Award: Best Trailer and the Judges Award: Most Visually Appealing at Otaku Omaha 2007. ^_^

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