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  • Member: Dezbo21
  • Title: That Gravitation Video (From the Happiest Video On Earth)
  • Premiered: 2007-03-18
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    • Cheryl Freeman I Won't Say I'm In Love
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  • Comments: This video is featured in "The Happiest Video On Earth!"
    Here's the link for that compilation:

    I used Video Edit Magic to compile my footage.
    I used a combination of Photoshop and Corel Illustrator to do the original animations in this video.

    I was inspired to create this video when I started listening to tracks for the Disney tribute contest. Every time I came back to this song I kept having visions of how this video would develop.

    I then wrote out notes and story boards for how I wanted this to look. Never did I intend for it to be humorous, and with all the time I poured into it, I kind of lost the entertainment value for myself and had to have others view it for me since all I could see were all the little glitches and problems that were in it.
    Still, even my best friend, (Who absolutely doesn't get or like anime) enjoyed the video.

    I worked on it from August of 2006 until February of 2007. I've been making continuous tweaks to it for future video contest entries, but this is about as clean as I can make it without better software.

    I have to thank niji tsuki for running the contest that inspired me to make this video and a few others.
    My sis Dex, for catching somethings that I missed simply because the brightness level on my screen was too high.
    An finally my best friend Nicole for putting up with my total submergence into all things geeky and giving me the final thumbs up even though you hate those "Stupid cartoons."

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