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  • Member: Taruto!
  • Studio: Making A Show Of Themselves
  • Title: Kastles of Sand
  • Premiered: 2007-03-15
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    • Nena & Kim Wilde Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
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  • Comments: Title: Kastles of Sand
    Series: Kannazuki no Miko
    Song: Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime by Nena and Kim Wilde
    Episodes Used: Lots and lots of them
    Spoilers: Riddled with them, spoilers for the entire series! Beware.

    Awards: None

    SHOUJO-AI WARNING: Contains shoujo-ai. Er. Yep.

    And for the hell of it..THIS VIDEO CONTAINS NO GIANT ROBOTS!! XD

    The video is definately my best so far, and will probably be my best for a long while.. oh, the hours I spent on this.. and before I say anything else, this video was a birthday present for my good friend Pocket Clover who absolutely adores Kannazuki no Miko and ChikanexHimeko.
    So happy birthday, Madeline!! I hope you like!! *^__^*~

    But for now, onto the video notes..
    When I started watching Kannazuki no Miko when it was being fansubbed 2 years ago all I really grasped was 'giant robots trying to kill 2 innocent girls', and I gave up watching half-way through. After watching it fully earlier this year, I understand how wrong I was.. the series is a lot more than giant robots trying to kill 2 innocent girls, and takes a lot of interesting twists.
    When I was watching it, I knew from the start.. this is an anime I want to make a video of. Kannazuki no Miko needs more AMV love!

    The song is absolutely fantastic. Half-English and half-German, sang by Nena and Kim Wilde. After seeing We Belong, I knew I had to find the song. It's original, it's creative, and most of all.. it's actually good! Perfect.
    The version I decided to use is a lot more 'raw' than the version in We Belong, and has a lot more notes and beats to use.. a lot of them are hidden in the techno version. At first I regretted using this version, but now the video's finished, I'm happy I did since I got to use all of the lovely beats I wanted. And oh yes I used them.
    Also.. the song is really, really relevant to the series, not only the video.. the thought of two people in love passing from one world to the next just to be together is constant in Kannazuki no Miko (last few episodes, people!), so it was perfect all around. ;)

    Also.. the subtitles are improvised versions of the lyrics. The original lyrics make sense, but not too much.. so I "rewrote" them to make more sense. ^_^ I hope nobody minds!

    And for anyone who wondered.. the music in the introduction is from the Kannazuki no Miko OST, and is "Chikane's Theme". It's one of my friend's favourite tracks from the OST and it worked with the intro so what the hey, why not use it!

    This started as a simple project - and I didn't want to work too much on it over fear it'd be over-complicated - but even though it did become quite complicated, I'm very happy with the result. Simply put, I was aiming for something easy to watch, that was also easy to understand and visually pleasing at the same time. I hope I've achieved all 3 things somewhere in here.

    The original resolution was 848x480 and was resized to 640x360 for the final encode. It's a good thing I did, too, because not only did this shrink the filesize by nearly 70mb - it also got rid of small, annoying bits of interlacing I couldn't get rid of in the 848x480 version ;)

    The title began as 'Castles of Sand' because of the lyrics and the influence the shell has in the series (and in the video to some extent). But when I was making the logo (which is a semi-parody of the American Kannazuki no Miko logo, except I didn't bother with the sun/moon in my logo..), the C looked weird to I changed it to a K to match. The K looks far better in the logo than the C did and makes it a little more original, I'm sure you'll agree.
    And incase you wondered, the kanji in the logo reads "shiro no sado" (城の砂土) - literally meaning "castle of sand", which was as close to "c/kastles of sand" as I could get without having to think ;)

    Two main symbols are Himeko's shell necklace which is used in the video from time to time and Chikane herself.
    The shell, as in the series, represents "kaiawase", or "shell-matching" - and how two people, like shells, only work in one pair and therefore only have one true love. From the beginning to the end of the video the characters are destined to be together, so by using the shell all the way to the end I hope I showed this quite well ;)
    Meanwhile, Chikane, the other symbol, shows the trauma throughout the series. Almost all of the scenes I used her in show her in a bad situation or simply watching over Himeko leading up to the end, where she reunites with Himeko. Even the vector of her kissing the letter before the second instrumental is used as a censor as both characters 'fall apart' behind her.

    As well as about 100 stills, this video uses 3 custom vectors (made by me!), a bunch of photoshopped frames (stupid lipflap) and a LOAD of scene overlays. I lost count after a while, but it's a disturbing number. Some parts had about 8 animated overlays at once, which killed my computer to say the least.. Especially when each individual render started to take over 1 hour to complete.. nearing the end of the project, I was losing the will to live, especially when some mistakes were tiny and so quick to change.
    A lot of the effects are simple, but there are a couple of extras in here, like the shattered glass effect I obviously took advantage of (woo!) and some of the overlays. But there wasn't anything overly-complicated in here.. after all, I managed to figure it out.. that should be evidence enough.

    I also found it quite interesting how only with this video did I make it up in different parts. The first 20% of the video I completed was all over the place - starting with subtitle positioning, the intro, the ending, and a few clips in the first English verse. I left the instrumentals and the choruses 'til last. It was a little hard to understand when editing at first.. normally I do things in a linear way, from start to finish. Made a nice change though, and helped me prioritise, at least!

    Go download:
    All that's left to say now is download and enjoy, and feel free to leave any comments! ^_^

    Encoded in 3viX/3viD.. make sure you have the right codecs before watching!

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