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  • Member: kiarrens
  • Studio: Tech Girl Productions
  • Title: Roydor the Burninator, Remastered
  • Premiered: 2007-03-01
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    • Strongbad Trogdor the Burninator
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  • Comments: Winner: AnimeBoston 2007 Judge's Choice Award

    Part1: This video took me exactly 8 hours to complete, start to finish. I ripped all the footage from FMA DVDs 1, 4 and 10. Deciding which footage to use was pretty easy – anything in which Roy was burninating. I used Premiere 6.5 and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 There were a LOT of photoshop elements to this vid, mainly in the lipsyncing department. It seemed that all the scenes I wanted to use of Hughes talking had clouds moving in the background or other things of that nature. Most of the time I just opened a bitmap image of the frames, cut out just the mouth, and edited the mouth over the footage using an alpha key transparency. The “Dragon-man” segment caused me more headaches than any other, seeing as how I only have a mouse – I eventually got so annoyed trying to draw Roy’s big, beefy arm that I asked an artist friend of mine with a tablet to draw the arm for me. Another hard thing about this vid was finding shots of Roy “screaming.” He’s such a stoic character! I used pretty much every scene in FMA in which he yells. I also had to hand-draw in a mouth, when Hughes goes, “Uh…” I zoomed in really far in photoshop and grabbed colors from other scenes in which his mouth was open for that one.
    Part2: The Strongbad segment. Man… talk about your last minute flashes of inspiration. I finished the convention copy of the video and started making a little bumper for the distribution copy. It started with just the scene of Roy with the arm and some text. Then I thought, “hey, why not add Strongbad?” Then, “Why not have Strongbad typing and Roy on the screen?” Then, “Why don’t I just go and grab audio from (which I had to download a program to do) and take about 50 screenshots and open them in photoshop and edit screenshots of my project into Strongbad’s screen and make whole new images for him to nod his head and…”
    Yeah. It just kept barreling downhill until the Strongbad segment was done, and I looked at it… And it was good. And I showed my boyfriend. And he said, “Lyn, that needs to be in the actual video. It’s hilarious.” And I agreed. And so it came to pass that the Strongbad segment became a part of Roydor the Burninator... remastered.

    And yes... Alchemist's Trade and Atonement are going to be remastered with DVD footage, too. I'm working my way up them.

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