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  • Member: Emotive
  • Title: Hellsing OVA amv - Bloodthirst
  • Premiered: 2007-02-23
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    • Slayer Bloodline
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  • Comments: A video I've been working on for quite a while..I was just wondering how come no one has ever combined the awesomeness of Slayer with the hellsing ovas before in a good amv,so I decided to just do it myself. I had some really good ideas for it,and yes,there is a storyline. I used some pretty nice effects (used after effects too,for the first time) and great timings. I hope it will be as cool to your eyes as it is to mine.. Enjoy!


    00:00 - 00:15 - Alucard is somehow summoned,close to seras and the priest ,solving (as you all well know).
    00:15 - 00:33 - His bloodthirst comes to realisation,as he killes the possessed priest and all of his undead followers.
    00:33 - 01:09 - Meanwhile, Jan and Luke,the Valentine brothers,attack the Hellsing organization's base...Eventually,their army of ghouls comes to take it over. The soldiers put up a big fight but they can't make it...
    Point-outs :
    "Syphon your blood to me"
    "I smell of death" (Luke)
    "I reek of hate" (Jan)
    "I will live for ever" (the undead army)
    "Bleeding screams of silence"
    "In my veins your eternity"
    01:09 - 01:24 - In the meantime, Alucard has already found another poor vampire victim to fetch on. He easily kills him and enjoys the bloodshed.
    Point-outs : The whole thing. (chorus)
    01:24 - 01:25 - (Bridge) Luke stands alone in the dead and,as it seems,empty base.. Most of the soldiers seem to already be dead.
    01:25 - 01:29 - A female vampiress also dies to alucard's well-placed bullet... He doesn't seem to care about what is happenning to the hellsing organisation's base,and focuses on satysfying his never-ending bloodthirst,showing no mercy..
    Point-outs :
    "Learn to kill!"
    01:29 - 01:38 - A building full of ghouls is just what he needed. He starts the merciless slaughter,intending to leave no one alive.
    Point-outs :
    "Bloodfest awaits to feed your hunger"
    "Dark side has no rival"
    "Test your faith in blood"
    01:38 - 01:42 - Someone seems to disagree with alucard's hopeful,cute vision of the world and his good treatment towards it...Father Anderson comes into the scene,stabbing alucard from behind and chopping his head off and getting rid of the nuisance for ever.
    01:42 - 01:58 - Alucard won't give in just like that..he mysteriously revives! Anderson decides to try out something a little different and chops his hands off,but they quickly regenerate. The bats seem to be on alucard's side.
    Point-outs : The whole thing. (chorus)
    01:58 - 02:20 - Alucard fights with the death. Alucard kills him.
    02:20 - 02:40 - Seras,with a little aid from Walter,is already fighting the undead army. Alucard wakes up to the sight of Luke Valentine coming into the room - It was all a dream. He had dreamt of his previous encounters,but in a completely another way than they had happenned..He had no time to waste and think about these things and started the fight with Luke,while Seras is still fighting off the ghoul army. Alucard wins.


    2007-04-29 Special Thanks to kevmasterflashdeluxe for the new shiny mp4 Encode :D


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