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  • Member: Caryn18
  • Studio: ~Lovely Innocences Productions~
  • Title: Promised Moon
  • Premiered: 2007-03-07
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    • Within Temptation Our Farewell
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    Ive been working on this video for a LONG time Now, i mean a LONG time, but i neevr finished it because i never knew what to put in parts. Lol BUt what has happened is i got very excited with working with my MAgic Girl MEP video i decided to finally finsh this one! Maybe i should start one more!!!! ha!!!!!

    ANyways, this video is about Mitsuki ANd Eichi! and the promise of there child hood. I know its something ive done 3 times before, but what can i say! Besides since my Pearls Of Memories Video is NO longer on this site ;_; i wanted to replace it with something GREAT! Lets hope its great. oooh!

    I love Full Moon!!!!

    The song is within Temptation. I will ware you, this is a Slower video, and it doesn't pick up its pace till the middle. Every time i hear this song i think of Full moon, and this video idea has been hunting my mind since i first heard the song around a Year ago!!!

    First i wanna thank my Boyfriend for helping me out, he was sitting with me while i made this video to keep me Company! And second, i wanna thank Kyo, because he is cute ..>.> makes me laugh.

    Our Farewell

    In my hands
    A legacy of memories
    I can hear you say my name
    I can almost see your smile
    Feel the warmth of your embrace
    But there is nothing but silence now
    Around the one I loved
    Is this our farewell?

    Never thought
    This day would come so soon
    We had no time to say goodbye
    How can the world just carry on?
    I feel so lost when you are not by my side
    But there's nothing but silence now
    Around the one I loved
    Is this our farewell?

    So sorry your world is tumbling down
    I will watch you through these nights
    Rest your head and go to sleep
    Because my child, this not our farewell.
    This is not our farewell.

    PLease watch my video! Thank you so Much if you Do!!! QC Are always welcome!!

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