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  • Member: Heero_Yuy84
  • Title: Team AEUG - Colony Police
  • Premiered: 2007-03-01
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    • Team America: World Police trailer
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  • Comments: *NOTE: While I tagged the info as saying this video has spoilers, most of that means nothing unless you've actually seen or are seeing the show. To an outside viewer it's pretty minor stuff.
    This isn't to say not to watch if you're afraid of spoilers, that's your call. Just saying, while it's tagged for them, it's not like they're Earth-shattering stuff.*

    OK. After murmurs about this at AB last year, and much half-rambled promises throughout the year, the video is finally completed.

    The concept is something I'd been wanting to do for a while now. Seeing the trailers for 'Team America: World Police' it was practically screaming for an AMV parody. With all the insane action movie cliches strung together, it had to be done.

    From there, it became a matter of source.

    Being an old-schooled biased bastard, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to break in my R1 boxset of Zeta Gundam.

    So, with a combination, the next step came with layout.
    Casting for this video was a little weird overall...partly thanks to the fact that:
    a) Some of the voices are a little hard to distinguish in the trailers
    b) With three exceptions, none of the main cast in Zeta were really a definite fit for any one character.

    So, in the end, the few definite pieces of casting came down to:
    Gary Johnson - Camille Vidan
    Spottswoode - Quattro Bageena (...oh, who am I kidding, we all know he's Char.)
    Kim Jong-Il - Paptimus Scirocco
    Sean Penn - Basque Ohm
    The kung-fu terrorist - Yazan Gable.

    From there, the rest of it kind of came down to 'Who would best fit the particular moment'...
    ...with an exception.

    As I'd inquired about on the board earlier this year, some of Bandai's R1s have this funny little quirk. They run just fine in normal DVD players. But, for some reason, they refuse to play in some computers (and I know I'm not the only one who's had this problem.)

    As such, one of the scenes I had planned for this video, due to a time crunch, and the fact that was one of the discs that wasn't going to play ball, had to be changed (initially for the "There's too many of them!" scene, I was planning to use Appoly during the Gate of Zedan episodes. But, given that disc didn't work, I had to use his wingman, Roberto instead... ...ironically, shortly before his demise, but I digress.)

    The one other disc that gave problems was volume 4, but that one i was willing to go the extra mile and get them ripped on an intermediary machine to do (partly because Four/Camille really fit the whole 'Feelings are feelings' joke WAY too well...ah~ crazy Newtype love...)

    Overall, I think some of the most fun I had on this vid was in making the action sync. Some of it was initially tested on odd curiosity, but wound up playing out much better than I thought it would (...some less than so. Earlier cuts of this vid had some pretty awkward action moments.)
    In general, it was kind of a fun experience (...I'm debating trying to go one better with the sync for the next project and actually attemtping a legit action idea. Unknown as of yet though.)

    So, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy.

    p.s. - Yeah, I know the title part itself was kind of cheezy. Been meaning to get a legit titles program. In the meantime, I was just aiming to try and play that part similarly to titles scene in the second Zeta opening (and, in that regard, I feel it played out well.)

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