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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Will you look at us ... Hige ?
  • Premiered: 2007-03-20
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    • Emma Daumas Regarde-nous
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  • Comments: I've made my first amv to defend and promote the Flag faction ...
    It was 2 years ago.
    It was my first, and it has never really satisfied me.
    Clumsy, raw and random.
    I wanted to do better, but I just couldn't at that time.

    I've made some progress since that day, and I've made several others videos I could barely imagine before. More than ever, my head is filled with ideas, stupid or bright, awful or nice. But a feeling of unsatisfaction remains. My true tribute to Sawachika Eri had still to be made.

    So here it is.

    Luckily (or Akiraly ^^ ), Harima ends up with a photo album, which appears to be Eri's memento.
    As he opens it, Eri's feelings, hopes and despairs begin to flow through the blackness of his sunglasses.

    Why are they so fatefully attracted to each other ?
    Why do they shine the most only when they are together ?
    Why do they meet and lost and meet again, as two wandering stars ?

    Because they look alike.

    I'm slowly but surely sliding to the next level of amv making : video fanfiction.
    Like my prior amvs, from "Hanai is right here" to "Because harima had to go", this amv can be inserted into the original story.
    Like those, I dare to redraw orginal scenes to make them fit for what I want to tell.
    Like those, I've used several scans and fan-arts found here and there, mostly on and
    Unlike those, I chose a french song.

    Worry not, my fellow flag comrade !
    I humbly offer you a ssa file, an english translation of the lyrics, which will help you to understand the full meaning of this already-holy amv.

    This tribute is also a part in my personnal project : to make a tribute to the most likeable characters (IMO) of this anime.
    Stay tuned in 2007, for the most musical rumble ever seen ! ;)

    Available on youtube :

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