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  • Member: Fanatik
  • Studio: Cruel Irony Productions
  • Title: The Never Ending AMV
  • Premiered: 2007-03-05
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  • Songs:
    • DJ AC-DC Never Ending Story
    • Linkin Park Crawling
    • Linkin Park Faint
    • Linkin Park From the Inside
    • Linkin Park Nobody's Listening
    • Linkin Park Numb
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  • Comments: To the viewers of the community: I must warn you that this AMV that you may want to(or, are about to) see was intentionally edited to be absolutely HORRIBLE!




    Yeah, I've sunk really low on this one!

    I got this idea when Anime Detour launched an optional theme for the 2007 Whiskey Tentacle Foxtrot Contest. The theme: make an AMV using music from the Dance Dance Revolution Series. Hence, Never Ending Story for the main song. The rest of the songs sort of snowballed their way into this AMV.

    Basically, I made an AMV that covered almost everything to NOT DO when editing: using subtitles, having a logo/watermark, using opening credit clips, over used anime and music, having repetitive and pointless clips, using cheesy effects and transitions and so on...

    But, no fan subbed material. Everything was ripped from R1 and R2 DVD's.

    Bottom Line:
    Editing time: About a month (over the course of three months). There were many different variations that I went through with this. This is the final version, and hopefully, the worst.
    Software: Magix Movie Edit Pro 11 (1st edit - throwing in clips and music), Windows Movie Maker (2nd edit - adding effects and transitions), then back to Magix (Final edit - adding subtitles).
    Encoded in: WMV for the worst possible quality!
    Concept: MEANT TO BE ONE OF THE WORST (on purpose) AMV's and, at times, be very clichéd. ;)
    Genres: Comedy and Parody - Please, take this as a joke, not an insult. Other - I'm not putting it down as horror, but to most viewers, it is. :|

    I really don't want opinions or quick comments about this. I know how bad it is.

    Be warned again: contains Naruto/Linkin Park combinations, star wipes, low quality video, bad use of WMM effects and a trace amount of ferrets.


    Yes, ferrets.

    Watch and dispose of it, because I'm sure you won't want to watch it again.

    Winner of Best (and only) Theme at AD WTF 2007. (And a very close second for Best Overall.)

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