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  • Member: kikai_saigono
  • Studio: Dream Lovely
  • Title: He Loves Me Not
  • Premiered: 2007-02-28
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  • Song:
    • Imogen Heap Headlock
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    Let's see. I'm eating a tuna sandwhich right now and it's really destracting me from writing some long video description like I usually do...>>

    Okay, I'll be quick.

    THIS VIDEO CONTAINS YAOI/SHOUNEN AI/GAYNESS/FAGS/HOMOSEXUALS/WHATEVER YOU KIDDOS CALL 'EM THESE DAYS stuff. Which means that if that kind of thing ticks you off, don't come cryin to me. Besides, it's mild. o.O

    This vid is xvid codec. Which means that if you are playing it on WMP (god forbid you) and you haven't downloaded this, and you cry to me about not being able to see it, you can officially deem yourself an idiot, because all you have to do is download it here, or get that nifty vlc player here which will play pretty much anything. o.O (thanks to JubJub2 for the link *^^*)

    Um...the title of this amv was originally 'Yuki is an insensitive jerk' but then I decided it should be 'But Shuichi DOES kind of deserve it, he is an idiot obnoxious boy'....but I didn't think that would fly. So this popped up instead.

    I'm in an Imogen Heap craze (thanks a lot Katie >:[ ) but I really like her music. So.....


    Programs used:
    Sony Vegas 6.0
    Avisynth (goddammit I hate that proram)
    DVD Decrpytor

    uh....OH! That's right. Beta testers. And stuff....
    JaddziaDax -- zomg o.O orphan frames and such...>>
    CrackTheSky -- for saying it sucked :/
    Krisqo -- ? I think he watched it...>>
    Morph Man -- for agreeing to beta it, even though it was yaoi :3

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