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  • Member: Kaxi
  • Studio: Syntax Error Studios
  • Title: Szabadon
  • Premiered: 2007-02-18
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Tankcsapda Szabadon
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Background information:
    I had 3 reasons to make this video:
    - I loved the anime Ex-Driver and i always wanted to make an amv with it. I started to make another a while back, but i didn't finish it because it sucked.
    - I wanted to use a hungarian song
    - I wanted to go back to my roots and use a rock song, and Tankcsapda's Szabadon was the perfect choice in my eyes.

    There are some spoilers, but nothing major.

    About the video:
    This video is a fast-action-car amv with some effects. Nothing really special, i wanted to match the fast, full-of-energy song with the anime, with using some effects, but keeping the main syncing method as beat-sync and cut-syncs.
    At first sight it could seem that this video doesn't have a story, and i know that without watching the anime it could be really hard to understand. I mainly used the main story of the series with a little bend - it is hard to stay away from the original story in a car anime like this.
    The story in short: Our three main characters are: Lorna, Lisa, Souichi
    Lorna does not play a big part in my video, although she is the leader of the band. My video concentrates on Lisa and Souichi and their relationship. At first there is a rivalry between them (fighting on the training track, then while doing their job), but after some time they become more and more friendly with each other. When the "bad guys" make Lisa to crash, Souichi takes his revange on them.

    The effects are not original, but still i like them (there are some scenes i don't like, but i don't have the energy and motivation to fix them).

    Audio and Video: i know that the video quality is not great, but i've spent hours to make it the best i could, it's still not perfect, sorry, the footage was quiet grainy to begin with. Special thanks to Bauzi, who helped me to make the best out of this crap :D
    Compressed into mp4 format with x.264 using avi scripts.
    /there may be a xvid version with mp3 audio later with a direct link/

    Thanks to the beta-testers, guy07 and Bauzi!


    And the lyrics: (it is my own transition so it's not perfect, and the original lyrics are already weird :D)

    Tudom a dugattyúk dalát / I know the song of pistons
    A légcsavar szelét / The wind of the propeller
    A benzin illatát / The smell of petrol
    Az ember életét / The life of men
    Ahol a tomboló erő / Where the furious strenght
    A hangtalan zene / The soundless music’s
    Csontokat törő / Bone-breaking
    Kábítószere / Drugs

    Ott én / There I
    Zuhanok, szabadon, zuhanok, szabadon,zuhanok, szabadon

    /Fall, freely, fall, freely. Fall, freely

    Tudom a minden óhaját / I know all it’s desires
    A változó szelét / It’s changing wind
    A szárnyalás dalát / The song of soaring
    A lét lehelletét / The breath of existence
    Ahol az isten integet / Where God is waving
    Na ott az én hazám / There is my home
    Lakatlan sziget / Desert Island
    Égi óceán / Sky’s ocean

    Zuhanok, szabadon, zuhanok, szabadon,zuhanok, szabadon

    /I Fall, freely, fall, freely. Fall, freely

    Alattam egy másik / Below me there are
    Világból több van / Another worlds
    Unalmasan ásít / Yawning tediously
    Próbáld meg jobban / Try to do your
    Csinálni a dolgod / Job better
    Ameddig hagylak / Till I let you
    A végén vissza majd úgyis a Földnek adlak

    /In the end I’ll give you back to Earth anyhow

    Hallom a minden óhaját / I hear all it’s desires
    Figyelem a változó szelét / I pay attention to it’s changing wind
    Fújom a szárnyalás dalát / I blow the song of soaring
    Érzem a lét lehelletét / I feel the breath of existence

    Tudom a dugattyúk dalát / I know the song of pistons
    Forgó légcsavar szelét / The wind of spinning propeller
    Szívom a benzin illatát / I smoke the smell of gas
    Élem az ember életét / I live the life of men

    Zuhanok, szabadon, zuhanok, szabadon,zuhanok, szabadon…

    /I Fall, freely, fall, freely. Fall, freely …

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