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  • Member: BlaCk_PeArL_27
  • Title: Sa Kanya
  • Premiered: 2007-02-07
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    • MYMP Sa Kanya
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  • Comments: This is not for foreign ppol I made this for ppol who can understand this song (no offense) just I'm trying in different way. I already made this Utena - Sa Kanya before I made my AMV of Aoi-Chan OUT OF LOVE Kaou. Sorry to those ppol wants to be perfect if your expecting this AMV to much you will get disappointed to this video, so I would say don't watch this and it's not your type of song either.

    This is Filipino song I try to match with Utena since I have no idea why I made this, I think it's boredom why I work this kinda anime #_#"

    What is the useful of the video clips if the program does not exist?

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