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  • Member: Altecha
  • Studio: Altecha Chan Studios
  • Title: Archangel Down
  • Premiered: 2007-02-02
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    • BlackHawk Down movie trailer audio Audio
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  • Comments: In truth, "Lord of the Yen" is not my first fan parody but this one. I was new to video editing and wanted to start off with a subject I like. So that dates the completion of this video back to February of 2004. Gundam is an old favorite and I grew up with enormous respect towards the United States military. After watching BlackHawk Down and reading some of the book, I wanted to see what happen if I put the two together.

    The film BlackHawk Down had an enormous impression on me. The movie to me stood out from older war movies because it was not an American WWII victory movie nor was it a recount of Vietnam mistakes. But BlackHawk Down is a testimony to the new difficulties that military forces have to face.

    What I imagined at the start of making the trailer can be considered a fan fiction. I asked myself, “What if the characters in Gundam SEED were involved in a similar situation as the movie ‘BlackHawk Down’?” The result is trailer for a movie where the major Gundam SEED cast (EA and ZAFT casts) are deployed to a troubled region of space. The sequence of events that follows their arrival is similar to the BlackHawk Down movie where their mission is reduced to simple survival and defense. The overall feel I was aiming for is that uncertainty and stripping of innocence soldiers encounter on their first combat missions. The feeling definitely applies to the age group that the main characters of Gundam SEED fall in. In the end, I was satisfied with what I’ve done and then proceeded with Lord of the Yen…

    In terms of execution of the project, I used Adobe Premiere 6.5 on the same IBM Thinkpad T30 that I later use for “Lord of the Yen”. The partnering group, “PAS Krew”, is the name of the members of the Polytechnic Anime Society who pointed me in the right directions for video editing.

    I sent this to Otakon 2004 but was dropped in the selection process in favor of "Lord of the Yen". Since then, Archangel Down has sat still, perhaps awaiting a revival? We shall see.

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