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  • Member: masterGT
  • Studio: Beyond Zodiac
  • Title: theXcutz
  • Premiered: 2007-02-13
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Linkin Park Papercut
    • Linkin Park Papercut (piano version)
    • Linkin Park Papercut (Rewind Instrumental Project)
    • Linkin Park Papercut Hell Remix
    • Linkin Park Ppr:kut
  • Anime:
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    This is the 2nd in my profile, and that's denfinately (hope so) enough!

    Music: Someday, somewhere I saw a video with EMT's Faint mix and I wanted to make one on my own a long time. But the LP songs are all so overused, so I grabbed all PPr:cut songs and mixed them together for my video...
    Lyrics: search it and you'll find it

    Anime: X1999 The Movie with spoilers...that's all

    Project: I started this a time ago and finished it in "1 night and a half day" last week. There'd nothing new or extra special in this vid, but it's also not a "0815-video".
    It was fun to syncronize the scenes and effects to the sound (watch and see it).

    For editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop
    For encoding: meGUI
    For capturing: don't know what I used that time

    VIDEO QUALITY!!!!! (2 things that may annoy some people):
    1. I couldn't use the DvD source, cause somehow it's broken. Instead I used an old rip I made some time ago, so the quality is not the best.
    2. I will only upload a mp4 - format [h264] (=>had problems with xvid codec!), so you'll need the VLC-player.
    BUT I promise I will remaster this AMV when I get a captureable X1999-DvD in HQ and also upload a Xvid-Version!

    Last thing: Special thanks to Beta Tester Scott Green , who was very helpful from beta to end.

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