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  • Member: Devolution
  • Studio: Existentialism
  • Title: S2 Powered
  • Premiered: 2004-08-12
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Blur Song 2
  • Anime:
  • Comments: HOT SHIT, IT'S DONE!

    it's been 1 year and 7 months since i last finished a video, but i'm finally back! :O

    read the old description to find out how this video came to be, since this little spiel here is just me ranting ><

    for reference, the title is kind of a parody. S2 could mean 'Song 2' for the music used, or 'super solenoid' from the series itself.


    i had a vision for this video when i started it last year, and that vision ended up fading as time went by. the first half of the video is still just as cool as i'd envisioned it, but the ending isn't quite what i'd imagined when i started. it's still decent, but pales in comparison to my Warcraft 3 video.

    i stilll like the video but it's not nearly what i wanted it to be.

    anyways, i'll let yas go now, so that you can download the video and make your own decisions :)



    :p bad joke i know, but still, this is the first video from me in almost 8 months, so i have a good reason to be excited. I got the idea for this when i was talking to LadyDX about what song to use for a group video. when i suggested this song, i thought to myself "mmm EoE", and remembered some crappy EoE/Song2 video that i'd found on Kazaa when i first started editing.....

    now i KNEW i could do a better job with this thing, but was unable to get permission from the original author(couldn't remember who it was). and even when i found it on the ORG, it said something along the lines of "i found this on Kazaa, it's my favourite video". so i decided, screw it, i'll make it anyway.

    EVERYTHING is timed in this video(made it a bitch to edit), and there is only ONE EFFECT in the whole friggin video(other than Horizontal flip :P), and that's a Black&White filter right before the first chorus(don't know why i put it there, i just thought that it looked good :D)

    Download will be up before i leave for AWA9 so grab it and tell me what ya think of it if you see me at the con ^^


    well, that didn't work out at all how i wanted....right before AWA, my 80gig HD died, taking this video, my VandreadLiS, and remastered RoD-Miles videos all with it >< so i lost around 70gigs of data. in fact i'd considered scrapping this video since i couldn't bring myself to rip all the clips again. but when i got my hands on Renewal of Evangelion (O_O SWEET FUCK does it look good), i decided that it was worth it to remaster what i had done and work on this video again. i'm trying hard to get it out before the middle of November, but i doubt i'll get it done in time ^^

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