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  • Member: Skyebox
  • Studio: Skyebox Productions
  • Title: One Brief Moment
  • Premiered: 2003-05-16
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    • Vertical Horizon Miracle
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  • Comments: First version completed: January 2003

    I openly admit that the only reason I started watching Weiss Kreuz was for the bishounen and the seiyuu involved (including my personal favorite, Tomokazu Seki). It's really not a particularly good show, but Omi's story kept me interested. I found his desperate search for his past and his family very moving, and his brief relationship with Ouka became a very important part of that search. It becomes very obvious early on that Omi carries a great deal of emotional baggage - his kidnapping experience as a young child left him with some *very* serious and deeply rooted abandonment issues that are powerful enough to interfere with his work. Unlike the other members of Weiss, he is not very good at masking these feelings, probably because of his age. Although I had the distinct impression that this story was not going to end happily, I enjoyed wacthing it play out. It was also interesting to watch Ouka develop from just another gushing schoolgirl to a highly significant character. As far as I'm concerned, this story arc made a mediocre (at best) show worth watching, if only for a short time.

    "Miracle" has always been my favorite Vertical Horizon song, and it always surprised me that it didn't draw more attention than some of their other songs. I had been tinkering with this video on and off for a long time, but lost a lot of my motivation after Justin "ErMaC" Emerson released his absolutely wonderful "Battle Athletes Victory" video at AWA8. After putting the video on hold for a while and working on other projects, I ultimately decided to complete it. Justin's video is awesome (I think he's one of the best AMV creators out there), so go to his website and check it out!

    This video ended up being quite a challenge to put together. Because it's an emotionally driven video, I never intended it to be very flashy or fast-paced. However, there were various segments where I needed to convey a great deal of information quickly. So at various points, the editing pace gets faster, particularly near the end. There is also a very short action-based sequence to remind viewers that Omi *is* an assassin, trained to kill without hesitation. And until certain revelations about his family history begin to surface, he seems to have no problems with this. I really sympathize with how severely this kid has been both deceived and manipulated.

    The line between personal and professional life basically doesn't exist for Omi due to his complicated past. Even when he stares into the sky and declares "I'm not Takatori Mamoru, I'm Tsukiyono Omi," you can tell that there's a part of him that still doesn't quite believe it. This aspect of Omi's identity makes his and Ouka's story all the more interesting. Omi's professional life rapidly becomes more and more personal, and Ouka is inevitably dragged into it, with devastating results for both of them.

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