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  • Member: shrink_laureate
  • Studio: Dyslexic Studeos
  • Title: Butou
  • Premiered: 2007-02-07
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    • Ooshima Michiru Butou
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  • Comments: SPOILER WARNING!

    This video contains Big Spoilers for Full Metal Alchemist, up to the end of the TV series. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    The Cosplay Ball AMV Project
    This is the first in what I hope will be a sizable project: to create a series of AMVs that can be played during a cosplay ball at an anime convention, and that people can actually dance to. If we can collect up to an hour's worth of videos from different people then that's enough to make a real ball.

    The first event I hope to use these videos for is AmeCon 2007. If it proves a success, then the collection can continue to grow and be used by other conventions.

    This is a character profile for Rose from Full Metal Alchemist, telling her story (or a version of it). Many events are omitted or glossed over either because Rose didn't see them, or just because they don't fit my take on the story (and I didn't have time for them). The central theme is one of betrayal, time and again, and of always realising too late who to trust.

    The song is also taken from Full Metal Alchemist, and is briefly playing in the background when Rose dances into view in episode 49 (the scene this video opens with). Except for the opening, the song has slowed down significantly to make it practical to waltz to.

    This is one of the fastest videos I've ever made - I was motivated enough to get it done in less than a month. As long as I keep the quality up, long may it last. It feels good to have the video get visibly closer to completion every day.

    The video doesn't have any lip-sync as such, but does have baby-crying-sync, punch-sync and even eyelash-sync. It also has a lot of anti-lip-flap: FMA is a very talky series, and in many places I needed to cut out mouth movement to make the motion smoother. Effects are kept to a minimum, besides heavy use of fades, but there is a particular transition that occurs a couple of times that involves playing the same scene twice: once on top, keyed to the center of the screen only, dynamically blurring slightly as it fades out; and again behind it, fading out sooner and blurring more. In a video with a great many cross dissolves, using this effect helps to differentiate when scenes really do change.

    Final note: In case you didn't see the note above, be warned that this video contains SPOILERS!

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