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  • Member: blaku92
  • Studio: Blaku Keendai Productions
  • Title: Otaku Twilight
  • Premiered: 2007-01-27
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  • Song:
    • Koji Kondo The Legend of Zelda: Orchestra Piece #2
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  • Comments: Well, I was really in the mood to make this. After taking an intersession course on anime at Missouri State University, my mind was on Genshiken. I love the show because it's basically my life... minus the club. So, I wanted to create something that glorified otaku life. Hmm... new zelda music is pretty epic -- why not? This was my first real experience using AviSynth, and I gotta say: phew! Now that I'm done with the basics of the program perhaps it will continue to get easier (feel free to offer me advice anytime). If you haven't played The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (on the Wii!!! >.< ) or watched Genshiken -- you should check them out. All OPs are welcome -- be a tough critic if you must because I won't get upset. It can only make me better.


    Adobe Premiere 6.5
    Newtek Aura VideoPaint 2

    *edit* Genshiken OVA and The Legend of Zelda Cartoon were also used in this amv. Kujibiki Unbalance was also from the footage of the Genshiken series.

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