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  • Member: Ashton
  • Studio: Original Skin Studios
  • Title: Kamikakushi Overture
  • Premiered: 2003-01-11
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  • Song:
    • Kronos Quartet Lux Aeterna
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This video took me about 15 hours to make (an incredible fact considering that the song is 6.5 minutes long!) I did the entire thing simply as an expiriment. I wanted to see if I could make more effective dramatic scenes by using footage that was more closely related in terms of the anime. I have to say that though the video itself is less than stellar due to its quick production time, the expiriment itself was a greater success than I could have imagined in the start. What I learned during this project will more heavily effect my future productions than anything I have learned since I first started.
    [outdated info] The song is really cool and all, but I have no idea what its all about because I downloaded it using KaZaA. I have no idea who made it, and I say here that it is from "The Lord of the Rings" because that is what it said on the MP3. I took a look at the LTR soundtrack online, and it looks like there is no such song. So Im really lost. I have no idea what it is, or even if I got the name right.[/outdated info] [update 1/19] The song actually has a long and semi complicated history, but it was at some point placed in at least one of the LTR trailers, so the classification will stay. [/update 1/19] The good news is that the sound quality really turned out for the best thanks to some key new programs (VirtualDubMod) that I discovered during the post-production.
    The video itself is an attempt to capture the emotion and epic feel of Sen To Chihiro. I set out right from the start to tell as much of the story as possible. I dont know how much was succesfully comunicated.
    The music is classical, and moves from a very soft sweeping feel to a hectic "middle of combat" feel and back a couple of time. I took advantage of many of the beautiful landscape shots and some of the stressed tense shots to complete the feel. In the end, I liked the movie so much that it just turned into me doing an exposition of all of my favorite art from STC. I really wished I could have hilighted the statues in the begining a little more, because I love those little things! :)
    Anyway, its really long, so get comfortable before starting. The begining comes in rather quick, so have your player and computer ready.
    BTW, this is "The Secret Vid" that I talked about in the forums. Oh, and... uh... massive spoilers... basicly the entire plot of the movie.

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