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  • Member: Nekoyoukai
  • Studio: The Shelbie Productions
  • Title: Dreamseer's Loneliness
  • Premiered: 2007-01-20
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    • HIM Killing Loneliness
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    The concept that I tried to portray in this video was the dreamseerís and their dreams. I wanted a sort of overview of the events in the show and movie from their point of view and the hopelessness they feel because thereís nothing they can do to stop it.
    This was originally going to be a Kakyo tribute but I got finished with the first chorus and used up most of my footage with him in it and decided to add Kotori and Hinito too^^

    Editing was painful at times. This video took me over 5 months to finish. What took so long was the clips. Even when I was working on the end of the video I was still going back and changing some of the original footage I picked because I felt it didnít fit anymore. Also after the second month the song stated to make my ears bleed. I loved the song, I still do but itís gonna be a long while before I can listen to it again with screaming and ripping my eyeballs out.
    I worked extra hard on the timing in this one as well as making it all flow together. Also I add in some audio from the show.

    This video is dedicated to my uncle Gary who passed away last June. It was the start to a really horrible summer and the rest of the year wasnít so great either. This is the first video I started working on after he died. When I sat down to edit thisÖthing, I donít know if it was the frustration, or the distraction in general but I always felt a little batter when I got up from my computer^^

    If you watch this please leave an op. I really would like to know how I can do better on my next one.


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