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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Jango Jango - HC 06 Segment
  • Premiered: 2006-12-31
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  • Song:
    • Hot Action Cop fever for the flava
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Attention
    This amv contains a lot scences of nudity and hentai.

    History of the amv
    This was a work for the Hot Coffee 2006 Iron Chef Contest. It was made in 6 hours.

    How to play the file
    If you have codec problems... There are some ways to play x264:
    -You can get the CCCP (this is a codec pack)
    -Or the VLC-Player (highly recommended!)
    These things donīt have a big filesize, so there shouldnīt be any problems with your internet bandwith. If you can download this amv, you can also donwload VLC or CCCP...

    Comments by the editor
    This was quite a lot of fun to made and it is dedicated to one of my friends that sometimes says "Jango Jango" instead of fucking. This gave me the main inspiration for this amv. So thank you Pauli!
    So just relax and enjoy this amv :P

    Technical notes
    It is quite simple and is focused on timing and scence pick. Uhm... to the panorama motion with the manga: It is a 3000x3000 self-pasted-together doujin hentai manga of the anime Full Metal Panic
    Itīs made in Premiere Pro 1.5. and of course compresed with h.264 (what else?)

    Notes about the hosting of the file
    Great thx to ngsilver for hosting!

    Thanks for reading and have a good time!

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