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  • Member: thefrozendestiny
  • Studio: Otoko Studios
  • Title: A dark requiem
  • Premiered: 2007-02-20
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    • Hans Zimmer Budget Meeting
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  • Comments: A Dark Requiem is a Chrno Crusade Video that i have been planning for over a year now. I came up with the concept after watching kiarren's Atonement video while creating my video The Sickness. While I was doing that video though i knew i didn't have the editing skill yet to pull this off. Now over a year later i finally finished this amv.

    First off the reason why i chose this song was that i wanted to do an instrumental AMV. The song captured everything i wanted to portray in this story. Love, anguish, loss, action and fear. All of which are deep plot points of Chrno Crusade. The only problem with it was it was origonally over 9 minutes long. So I trimmed it down to a little under 5 minutes. Thus resulting in the version of the song in the amv.

    The main focus of this video is between Chrno and Aion and the losses of friends that occur because of this.

    I hope everyone enjoys this AMV that i poured my heart and soul into creating. Its my first origonal story not based on lyrics of a song and I also believe it is my best work to date. Feel free to leave opinions to give me feedback. I always appreciate constructive criticism.
    Sorry for the loss in quality for the version. Codecs hate me, so sorry you had to get a pixilated version. But thats the breaks. Still enjoy!

    Finalist: Anime Boston 07
    Runner Up Best Drama Anime Boston 2007
    Winner: Staff Choice Youmacon 2007

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