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  • Member: sanguine nightmare
  • Studio: Rock Star Productions
  • Title: Alien Trailer
  • Premiered: 2007-01-11
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    • Alien Alien trailer
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  • Comments: First completed amv and it wasn't the first one I originally intended to finish. During the Fall I had the strangest urge to watch the Alien films for a long time that just kept nagging at me. Then, in pure coincidence, I finally found a copy of Lily C.A.T a little known 80s anime I'd been meaning to watch for years. Upon finishing my first viewing I was surprised at how incredibly similar the interior ship designs were compared to that of the original Alien as well as a lot of small homages such as the cat and robot ideas, at which point I promptly started editing.

    This is really just a warm up video for me. I tried to keep the editing simple so that it maintained the feel of the original trailer. The only effects I used were a procamp filter on several shots in order to emphasize the shadows and a short lens flare effect when you see the hand quickly flick a match. Also I did some motion & blur animation with the mutated cat segment.

    I'd really appreciate comments for this video, especially any advice concerning encoding. I coded it in .mov format for 2 reasons: a) I can't make heads or tails of what means what in the divx and xvid codecs which are the ones I want to use and b) my poor computer crashed whenever I tried most of the other codecs I recognized.

    Hope you enjoy my first submission and once again, any advice or suggestions will be much appreciated.

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