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  • Member: staces
  • Studio: ^_^;; Productions
  • Title: Blossomed Cherry
  • Premiered: 2007-01-10
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  • Song:
    • Madonna Like A Virgin
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  • Comments: Now that I have the third Kizuna AMV in gawgeous quality, I really wanted to make an AMV for it. I had thought about remaking my older video "Nothing Lasts Forever" but you know, as crappy as the video quality in that one is, I still like it and decided to just make something new.

    I was really stumped for a very long time on trying to figure out what song would work well. The 24 minute OVA is mostly comprised of flashbacks and really doesn't have a very translatable plot. I eventually gave up on finding a vocal song and started looking for something instrumental and looked for things with the words "cherry blossom" (or something similar) in the title because the anime is filled to the brim with cherry blossoms. And then it hit me "CHERRY" as in, virginal cherries. And that is how "Like a Virgin" came to mind. And to be truthful, the song is perfect for the anime.

    Mostly this video is sentimental and fun, the song is goofy and all the cherry blossoms all over the place are damn ridiculous, but I think that it turned out cute. The two main guys (heck, the only characters in this video) were one anothers first love and the flashbacks show that, so that mixed with the song turned out well.

    Anyways, fair warning this is YAOI. Nothing more explicit than some kissing and blushing faces. I hope you like it if you watch it and opinions are always appreciated!

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