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  • Member: Kaxi
  • Studio: Syntax Error Studios
  • Title: Gloomy Melody
  • Premiered: 2007-01-05
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  • Song:
    • InuYasha OST Fate of Awakening Love
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  • Comments: Background information:
    This video is a side-project. I haven’t made anything lately and my current main project goes VERY slowly, so i thought i have to make something simple.
    I had this song, a song from the Inuyasha OST - Fate of Awakening Love, which i always loved, and wanted to make something with it. After watching Chrono Crusade, one of my favourite animes, i know that this would be a good match up. It somehow expresses the shock i felt after watching the ending of Chrono Crusade, very sad, but still has a little happy feeling to it as well - maybe a flashback about the „good old days” or something like that.
    So, i decided to make this AMV, a sentimental/drama video from just the last episode of the series and some additional scenes from several other episodes (the 3rd, 9th and 18th episodes i think). The main aspect of this video is to express the pain and sadness Rosette felt in her last minutes, and somehow to make us remember that she had good memories as well.

    The video contains spoilers from the last episode, don’t watch it if you don’t want to know the ending of the series!

    About the video:
    The plot of this video is very simple. We find Rosette and Chrono at their hideout place, where they spend their last days just with the two of them, hiding from the rest of the world, resting at a quiet place.
    The first seconds and the syncing to the piano beats tries to pick up the link between the song and the video. There are two „flashbacks” after this scene. The first one is the near past, the several days that they could spend together after the final battle. The second one is about the happy hours she had during her search for his brother. This is where the „lyric-sync” takes over, of course this may sound ridiculous, because there is no so called „lyrics” in this song, but this beautiful humming - in my opinion - can mean and express more than 100 words.
    The finaly scenes after the flashbacks want to express the sadness of Rosette’s fate, and the pain she felt in her last seconds.
    I may not have accomplished this task how i really wanted to, and this video didn’t turn out as well as i wanted to, but i think at least for the song, you should watch this, if you haven’t heard this wonderful melody already in Inuyasha.
    On the credits: sorry, i love glow, i can’t help it :D

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