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  • Member: mxfire
  • Title: The True Self
  • Premiered: 2007-01-04
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    • Snow Patrol Chasing Cars
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  • Comments: Why I Wanted To Make This Video

    I’ve been a great fan of Studio Ghibli ever since watching Spirited Away and I really love Howl’s Moving Castle because of the themes ventured on in the film. I’ve wanted to do an Anime Music Video with Howl’s Moving Castle for a long time.

    Now for the song…I think the first time I’ve heard Chasing Cars was ironically in our car (radio). The song touched me in the same way as Breathe Me by Sia and Fix You by Coldplay. I really wanted to use this song for something. I think Howl’s Moving Castle fitted well with the song. Especially with the line - Before we get too old…

    Theme of The Video

    One of the themes that I loved in the film was that we allow the untrue perceptions of others to cloud our judgment and perception of ourselves. For example, Sophie thinks that she was never beautiful in her entire life (which is untrue). I largely focused on this theme. But there are other themes as well, such as dependence and independence.


    Some of my associations require that you’ve seen the film previously.


    Requires XVID/DIVX codec or filters for XVID. Can also be played on VLC Player.

    P.S. There is some Lip Sync at the end of the video.

    Enjoy the video and thanks for reading!

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