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  • Member: SilversLightning
  • Studio: Trinity Production Industries
  • Title: In need of a savior
  • Premiered: 2007-01-04
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  • Song:
    • sirenia Save me from myself
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Made with Vegas 6.0
    and a whole bunch of other crap
    Practice for Signs of Darkness and Grief
    Practice for Villian MEP



    Um this started out as a way to get the emo off of my chest, but then became more of a practice AMV for two MEP's.
    This video shows what I have learned from my sensei Krisqo in terms of quality, video and audio compression, and some of other stuff that comes in the org package.
    Thank you sensei, I love you so much

    Quick Comments:
    2007-06-26 21:50:58 A couple of good synch spots with the flashing. Spooky song. I can see a good story unfolding but the addition of the card selection scenes lost a few feelings for me. Also a bit anti-climactic at the end. NO SUBS, NO DIVX LOGOS! Very good! Overall it was an ok video, one of your best so far. Good scene selections, video quality is the best so far that I've seen. Krisqo has given you some very good lessons in image quality. Transitions are fine, a few loose frames here and there. You've come a long way. Could be a breakthough video for you but I reserve this judgement. The only thing I can comment on is this: Story was unfolding but it didn't flow well, seemed to stay in one section for too long and then jump to the next hardship too abruptly. General tips: Give your intros a 1 or 2 second delay of black screen, fade-in your logo if possible, fade out at least 1 second before starting your video. Give your endings at least 1 second before showing the credits. U-U
    2007-06-18 10:46:56 needed....more work
    2007-02-20 23:10:49 OMG this vid was so awesome! were did you find those clips? :(
    2007-02-20 07:11:28 YAY!! GHOST IN THE SHELL IS ON!!! =D
    2007-02-08 16:15:18 not bad
    2007-01-21 22:22:01 That was awesome! Glomptastic! I do think this is your best one so far. *^_^* Love the blinkies! I'll probably leave an op sometime later. Great job, though! :D -wurpess
    2007-01-10 12:17:51 sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
    2007-01-10 05:40:35 The quality was nice but the editing could have been a lot better, lots of lip flap and off sync, overall 2/5
    2007-01-09 19:44:18 mmm i like video much and even i'm not Yu Gi Oh fan, you did really good job and storyline - 4/5 DS
    2007-01-08 18:51:56 Kudos Mate
    007-01-08 09:02:03 I write you a QC, before somebody thinks in the thread that he has to flame you because of my critic. Giving only one star for this amv, would be too inhuman so I give you a two star rate. Sry I was really bored. Even if it is not my type of music, there was no feeling comeing up during playback. I miss a lot and this flap lip sync... letīs say: You could often avoid it. Take for example 2:20. Take a screenshot of the closed mouth. Edit it with Photoshop. In the end you should have only the closed mouth surrended with only blue color (or whatever. Also the mouth could be the only alpha part of the image). Place the file into your editing programm and add a simpel Keying effect to the Pictue. Et voila! Please work on the flap sync problem it spoils alot. I wasnīt pleased with the drume beat effects. =/ Something else would do a better job like white flashes or whatever. Black & White in this way is no good. Well: To bring it to a honest point: This amv was in my eyes a fail, because there was absolutly no feeling comeing up in me. Take your time out, improve your editing and it will work next time. Iīm sure about this :) -Bauzi
    2007-01-05 23:52:53 *thumbs up* I liked it! Keep up the good work! - aerialesque
    2007-01-05 12:25:31 The song was too slow. But the images were good quality.
    2007-01-04 16:38:20 Finally! I was waiting forever for your next one! 5'd
    2007-01-04 16:12:17 Not too bad. 3/5
    2007-01-04 13:21:36 Great job Yeiweh, nice quality and good theme, I really hope to see your next one soon. You have improved a lot ;)
    2007-01-04 12:52:54 Not too bad, only thing that bothered me was the lip flap
    2007-01-04 06:46:01 not bad, you improved, I liked it ^_^ 4/5 ~kevmasterflashdeluxe~
    2007-01-04 04:52:48 wow you made yugioh look unkiddy O.o, and its nice to see that you have improved even more :)
    2007-01-04 02:19:20 Good quality. Don't like the song, though. We still have to nail down the timing... but we will do that when you come up here... it'll be easier for me to show you that way.

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