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  • Member: Greggus1
  • Title: Melancholy
  • Premiered: 2006-12-31
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    • Red Hot Chili Peppers Warlocks
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  • Comments: Well, this one took a while. It's been an idea I've had ever since I heard the song in June, and it developed in my mind for months, before I decided I was ready to try tackling it. The fact that I uploaded it means I made a viewable AMV, something I had doubts on being able to do before starting. But those doubts erased themselves, and the whole thing flowed pretty smoothly.

    I tried out something new here, which I think is worth introducing, and that would be syllable sync, which is exactly what it sounds like. The power of Anthony Kiedis's delivery was something I just couldn't ignore, and it allowed for some wordplay (think Old Japan becoming Old Ja-Pan, with an old man, and a pan) and hilarious lyric sync. The whole verse clip selection is fairly non-sensical.

    So the flow is mostly based on that kind of sync, which is funny, because once you set your mind to it, you're picking the clips, but not the cuts, and the vid feels in a sense like it isn't yours. There's some variations in there to keep you entertained, and for me to get some control over the beast.

    A note on effects : They are done very unprofessionnally on purpose. I really wanted to try my hand at imitating a crappy student film project, as in the series, and the first scene of this vid is what that's all about, although I tried to keep that "cheap" mood going throughout the vid.

    I'll also talk about the final scene, since it seems to be confusing people. You'll be hearing some whining guitar solos, and in addition to mood synching the entire scene, I tried to match Kyon's own whining with the music.

    I'm terribly sorry about the resolution, but for reasons I'm too ashamed to explain, that was the only one I could use. In any case, it won't happen again, I swear.


    Anybody want to have fun comparing the clips with the lyrics?


    Warlocks in wonderland
    I've got a megatropolis in my hand
    And a... subterranean marching band
    Makin' noise for the boys in the Vatican
    And a

    A little package and off we go
    Oh... ticky ticky tackita tic tac toe
    I know... everybody's Eskimo
    We've got another thing coming
    And that's our show... well

    Every night I go looking for you
    Everyone in the world adores you
    A little pocket of something kind
    To find your reason
    Coming up and it everyday for
    Look at me and it's what I stay for
    A little locket of fantasy
    That we believe in

    Lilacs and contraband
    I've got Santa Monica in my hand
    A little... Beatle mania when I can
    And I've got two big bags of old Japan

    Ring side and blow by blow
    Another... main event at the old rainbow
    We're comin'... Right on top of the tupelo
    When she looks just like Brigitte Bardot


    Make a deal with Uncle Weezer
    Sign your name to claim
    China Chow will try to please her
    Sweetness came from Jane

    Warlocks in wonderland
    I've gotta... Rockapotomus in my hand
    With a... Happy ending that's made of sand
    With a little bit of lovin' is all I can

    [Chorus 2x]

    ATTENTION : If you have any trouble playing the video, download VLC player, or try the indirect link, which will give you an Xvid version.

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