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  • Member: Sporc
  • Title: Hajime No Love
  • Premiered: 2006-12-31
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  • Song:
    • DVDA Lets Fighting Love
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    If there are still problems after using that please leave a quick comment.

    My first vid. :P
    It's basically a training vid I made over the past few months.
    Most effects/movements was done frame-by-frame due to my inability to locate the variable effects option. -.-
    I was figuring options, effects etc out on the go.
    It was a total pain due to Magix constantly crashing and desyncing the exports for no apparent reason -.-
    Due to that the total time spent on it was around 150 hours.

    Programs used:

    Adobe Photoshop
    Magix Video DeLuxe 2005 Plus

    T/Led Lyrics (read them so the vid makes some sense :P):

    I have a wonderful penis
    Golden hair on my balls
    Is that the sound of a girl's charm necklace?
    No! The ninjas are here!

    [Hey hey, let's go] fighting
    The important thing is to [protect my balls]
    I'm baaaad, [so let's fighting]
    [Let's fighting love -- let's fighting love!]

    This song is kind of stupid
    It doesn't make sense
    The English is all screwed up
    That's okay [we do it all the time!]

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