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  • Member: sweetdeily
  • Title: A new Breed of Alien
  • Premiered: 2006-12-10
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    • Species III Official Trailer
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  • Comments: Sweetdeily says: Don't.... ask. Just don't. I don't have an explanation like for Hellsing. I saw the movie and the trailer and I was making deep silent... and.... uh.... the evil monkies made me do it. ^^;;;;
    I also liked the appeal of turning the fanboy's dreams into a nightmare. *snickering* Attack of the killer nekkiedness!

    And yes.... before anyone says ANYTHING.... I /KNOW/ he's a guy. That was the point.

    My lipsyncing is still not up to scratch, and yar, I know there's that horrible watermark of Doom in the bottom corner. I have a bad PC, nothing but WMM and less than 100Gig to make AMV with. Avisynth is not my friend yet.

    Believe it or not, this was done only with the first two episodes? Why? Because that's all that I had on DVD- skimpy bastards. -_-;

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