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  • Member: Jasta85
  • Title: The Beautiful People of Black Lagoon
  • Premiered: 2006-12-28
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    • marylin manson Beautiful people
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  • Comments: This is without a doubt a milestone in my AMV making career for several reasons.

    1. This is the first amv that i have created with my newly aquiered Adobe Primiere Pro 2.0 (all my previous ones were made on windows movie maker)
    2. This is the first time i have used Xvid Compression (hence better quality)
    3. This is the first time i have had so much high quality footage at my disposal (both seasons of this series, although this series is still in the process of being released so some of the later eps are not full DVD quality)
    4. This is the first amv i have made in which i have put so much effort, all together i estimate i put around 50-60 hours into this amv which honestly is probably almost as much as i put into all my other amvs put together. Granted that time includes the time it took me to learn how to use adobe primiere pro 2.0 and it's various uses as well as learning and using Xvid compression but even so this is my first major effort pushing project.

    So this AMV is a LOT different from my past ones, at least to me

    That said, here's the rundown on the AMV itself.

    This amv is pure Action/Horror, It uses footage from the series "Black Lagoon" which is an increadibly awsome series with lots of wonderful scenes. This AMV is actually more of a trailer as i plan to make several other amvs using this series, and they will be concentrating on a number of characters that this AMV revolves around.
    When i said Action/Horror i mean lots of both, there is plenty of guns, blades, blood and babes in this AMV (along with a chainsaw or two) so if you dont like that type of stuff you probably shouldnt watch it. All in all i'm really proud of it and plan to follow it up soon with other AMV's related to it that are even better.

    So, enjoy, and have fun with The Beautiful People of Black Lagoon

    UPDATE: I had one viewer pm me saying that there were a few parts in the amv that seemed out of synch to him, and suprisingly they were some parts which i had concentrated really hard on synching as well as i could, such as the grenade and car part which 2:18-2:24, the guy was using VLC to watch my amv so i decided to take a look at it on VLC and low and behold there were a few parts that "lagged" slightly, probably because of the fast pace and special effects. Anyway, that caused the entier synch of those parts to be thrown off which made the video look much worse in those parts, so if you normally use VLC to play videos then i suggest you also use another media player to view this as there may be a difference in viewing quality (might also explain why i got a couple of inital bad reviews when i first released this lol).

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