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  • Member: sweetdeily
  • Title: Deep Silent Geff
  • Premiered: 2006-12-20
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    • Nightwish Deep Silent Complete
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  • Comments: Sweetdeily says:
    Hmm, too much time on my hands I guess. I went for a storyline instead of beat-syncing or much else.
    We tried to avisynth this one, but.... *sweatdrop* a certain Sweetdeily fairy saved them as Xvid. >.< They're a bit pixed- couldn't be fixed. But that shouldn't be a detraction from the overall viewing experience of watching this- it's not about visual quality, I don't care if the filter was CMYK instead of RGB (mostly because there is NO filter... -_-;;;). I care more about whether you got a kick out of it, if you could follow what was happening... y'know, creative things, not coding things. ^^;

    Um, If you've never seen Mahou Tsukai Tai (Magic user's club).... don't take this as an indication as what the actual anime is like.... I uh.... used all the serious footage I could find (and that broom still found it's way in >.

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