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  • Member: » AceMan
  • Studio: Nano-da Productions
  • Title: The Might of a Hero
  • Premiered: 2006-12-25
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    • Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott Hero
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  • Comments: I've been working on this AMV for last weeks and I hoped I'll finish it before New Year Eve.
    The signs have been telling that I won't manage to do that, but fortunatelly I finally made it last night :)

    "Hero" has always been affecting on me in specific way. I dunno if this is because of sentimental reasons, or the power that the song has in itself...
    anyway, one day I realized I must make a music video with it :)

    The convention of this AMV isn't very oryginal - I decided to split together the oryginal music video, promoting "Spider-Man" movie (which has IMO huge, unemployed potential),
    with scenes from "Pokemon 2000 - The Power Of One". This kind of operation you could see for example in "Neon Genesis Evangelion ep.27" by Rudeboy.
    I wanted to create a music video which will serve as original vid, and be a shortcut through whole anime in the same time.
    That's why the original scenes to "Pokemon" scenes rate is inverse to the original MV rate - but this is an AMV, isn't it? ;)

    But why "Pokemon"?

    Funny or not, I'm a fan of this serie and what always been pissing me off is that there is no really good "Pokemon" AMV which isn't comedy/parody/something like this (maybe I'm wrong, please correct me).
    I don't say that this serie is ambitious and it presents deep reflexive message... come on, let's not exaggerate ;)
    Anyway, my soul was screaming "discrimination!" ;) Somebody had to make it...

    "Pokemon 2000 - The Power Of One", the second pokemon movie, is my favourite one. I have a sentiment to it, it has many nice animated action scenes etc. Also, the lyrics fit the anime quite well, maybe not in every cases, but still pretty good :D
    That's why I used it. The material comes from DVDs from my little collection.

    Ok, let's finish this long speech ;) Enjoy and be sure that it's not the last "Pokemon" AMV from me... :]

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