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  • Member: Fall_Child42
  • Studio: Corndog Vidvids
  • Title: Mitternacho Super Special Uber Hyper Championship Mega Fighting Edition III Turbo!
  • Premiered: 2006-12-23
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    • E Nomine Mitternacht
    • Mentally Detached Pancakes
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  • Comments: We have all seen a parody of N-T-B
    Euphoria takeoffs, aren't new to you or me.
    So i needed to make a parody of another fine video
    I decided Mitternacht was the way to go!

    Pwolf's amazing contribution
    a horror and action fusion
    I'll copy it as best i can,
    but i can't use vampires so what then?

    for good juxtaposition i need an opposite source.
    I'll use series based around jocular school children of course!
    I'll use Chobits and Cromartie high
    Azumanga too, don't ask me why.

    If you want to see how they match
    try the second video stream i uhh...


    Ok yes this is a tribute to Pwolf, and I tried to make a lighthearted parody of mitternacht using the least appropriate sources I could think of that are still connected to each other. I went with the theme of School comedies. Cromartie Highschool's Freddie because he's always riding that big black horse just like Vampire Hunter D, Osaka for Blood, and Hedeki for Alucard.

    All scenes are taken from these shows except for two sections of roto I did to put Freddie in front of a full moon. I think this would be better if it was more simple so i kept it as simple as possible while still trying to do my best in recreating Mitternacht with these unlikely sources. The biggest difficulty i had was the action scenes of course because these high schoolers are not vampires nor do they ever FIGHT vampires.

    This is an exceptionally large .mp4 because i have included two video streams one with my video and the second with my video with mitternacht playing in the corner, Some of the synch is off in the PiP mitternacht probably due to frame rate or something, but it's there solely to match scenes.

    without further adue, I present,



    Since alot of people are having trouble with the Dual stream MP4

    Here is a link to an oversized bloated XViD with no special features what so ever.

    Click Here for the Xvid

    (PS Thanks to Krat, Kit, Ileia, and anyone else who beta'd and didn't tell Scott)

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