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  • Member: Aerialesque
  • Title: Memoria
  • Premiered: 2006-12-23
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    • Apocalyptica Until It Sleeps
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  • Comments: This video was created specifically for the Naruto Fan AMV competition...otherwise I probably wouldn't have had the urge to make another Naruto AMV. However, I'm glad I did, because making this video was an interesting experience. I had never edited to instrumental music before, and was a bit of a challenge for me, considering the fact that I usually focus on lyrics a great deal in my videos.

    **Big Spoilers for those who haven't seen up through Episode 134**
    The concept of this video isn't anything new, and I didn't really try to make it original, in that sense. It takes place right after Naruto and Sasuke's final battle, and Sasuke reflects on the past...and from there, you are taken through the story of Team 7 (in a nutshell), and how the relationship between Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura starts falling apart due to Sasuke's betrayal. (I know...been there, done that...). But I like to think that this is at least somewhat different from the usual Naruto amv. I spent a long time listening to this particular Apocalyptica song, and the rise and fall of the music just seemed to fit the flow of the story I wanted to tell perfectly. I hope you are able to feel something from this video...I know I did, while I was making it.

    I don't feel the need to go into detail on the description, because this is meant to be a storytelling amv....and it's pretty straightforward, especially if you have seen Naruto. There are not many effects and I didn't think there were many to score off of, but it was mentioned that I should make them open to scoring, so I went back and checked the digital effects box. Scratch that. I unchecked it again. XP The only main effect in there is the masking in the beginning, but there's a few little effects here and there, but everything else is just basic fades and a few overlays. I really wanted to keep this video simple, because I didn't think heavy effects were really necessary to get the story across.

    Anyway...I hope you enjoy. The quality isn't that great, but it's better than my last two Naruto amv's. Does downloaded footage ever look great? /: I did my best to make it look okay. With all that said...any feedback, good or bad, is much appreciated.

    Programs Used: VirtualDubMod, Avisynth, Vegas 6.0, BeSweet

    **I big thank you goes out to Greggus1 and Bebop0083 for beta-testing...I really appreciate your help. :) **

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