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  • Member: Aria Mournesong
  • Studio: Three-Star Studios
  • Title: The Kira
  • Premiered: 2006-12-22
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  • Song:
    • Dethklok Murdertrain A-Comin'
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This AMV was made at the request of a friend who loves Death Note. So I thought about it for a whole 2 seconds and came to the conclusion, Death Note + Dethklok. So I sat down and watched the Death Note series this week and I have to say I love the show (and I hope that this AMV did it jusice). All that was left was choosing the right song to fit the series. I narrowed down the song choices between "Briefcase Full of Guts", "Go Forth And Die" or "Mudertrain A-Comin'" before I began watching the series. After seeing the episode where Light set-up the FBI agent on the train the song Mudertrain A-Comin' instantly popped in my head and that's how "The Kira" began.

    AMV Story:
    Well it's pretty straightforward at least I think so but I'll elaborate as best I can.
    "Kira" finds the Death Note uses it to murder people around the young woman shown in the AMV, who ultimately becomes his final victim. Which brings to light that maybe up until that point each Death was meant for her but due to her running away she caused the other people to die until finally she accepts her fate.

    Technical Stuff:
    Adobe Premiere, VirtualModDub, Zarxrex's h264 encoder, BeSweetGUI
    Format: AVI
    Codec: h264

    Murdertrain A-Comin' Lyrics:
    Here comes the soul collecting train of Murder A-Comin'.
    It longs to take your putrid blackened soul away from you.
    Your face will leave your rotting head in the early morning.
    Your guts will leave your corpse your spine will break and crack in two.

    It cannot be stopped the train is fueled by chopped bodies filled with sorrow there is no tomorrow ticket is your life ended by the knife called the "Murder Train Eternity of Pain."

    Oh yeah. You know what I'm talking about.

    There is no escape but death.
    For life is just a Murder Train A-Comin'!

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