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  • Member: Jasta85
  • Title: Bioboosted Criminals
  • Premiered: 2006-12-18
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  • Songs:
    • Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal
    • Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
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  • Comments: This is the last amv i will be making with windows movie maker (thank god) as i will be upgrading to adobe primiere 2.0 very soon. I tried to make this my best amv to date but due to problems with virtual dub messing up the synch i wasnt able to get the aspect ratio right after about 2 weeks of trying, so i guess this is my tribute to the difficulties of trying to use low tech software lol

    anyway, onto the amv

    This is pretty much a pure action amv using the series Guyver: The Bioboosted armor, it's a very action packed series and i had been thinking about making an amv using it, just as i had been considering doing a amv using "Smooth Criminal". and then i saw an amv by Muyo Ryu which involved overlaying both the michael Jackson and Alient Ant Farm versions of that song and i knew i made to use it for this amv. I borrowed the concept, added a few modifications to the songs and bingo, you've got Bioboosted Criminals. It starts off at a steady pace and gets faster and faster as the amv goes along to build up to a climax and covers most of the main characters and their fights throughout the series

    anyway, enjoy my last WMM production, may my future projects be that much better

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